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We are building our future with clean and renewable energy solutions, giving generations the opportunity of creating value. PannErgy has therefore set itself the goal of being a market leader in the Central and Eastern European region through the use of geothermal energy, which provides significant economical and ecological value for now and in the future.

PannErgy a jövő energiájáért!




The Szentlőrinc Geothermal System consists of a production well and a reinjection well, pipelines connecting the wells with the heat centre, as well as the engineering, power and control engineering facilities in the latter.

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With the investment, Berekfürdő Energy Ltd uses the methane accompanying gas originating from the thermal wells of Berekfürdő for the generation of electric power and heat, and then sells the produced energy.

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The Miskolc Geothermal Project wins GeoPower Market’s international award: “Best Heating Project 2013”.

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The system of Győr, commenced today, with full capacity is able to decrease the emission and so the quantity of the greenhouse gases – primarily carbon-dioxide, nitrogen-oxides – by approximately 67 000 tonnes on a yearly basis.

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5 November
Extraordinary information - Developments related to the malfunction in the system of the Miskolc Geothermal Project
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