The Miskolc Geothermal Project wins GeoPower Market’s international award: “Best Heating Project 2013”.

Project of Miskolc

The system for the utilization of geothermal heat consists of the following, easily distinguishable and geographically separate partial units:

  • Production wells in Mályi with pumps, filters, degassing equipment, water treatment units
  • Thermal water lines between the production wells in Mályi and the District Heating Center of Kistokaj
  • District Heating Center of Kistokaj
  • Reinjection pipeline system
  • Reinjection wells of Kistokaj
  • Phase I of the secondary pipeline – District Heating Center of Avas
  • Phase II of the secondary pipeline – District Heating Center in Tatár Street

The geothermal heating plant system is comprised by two hydraulic loops:

  • geothermal loop: insulated district heating transmission line connecting the production wells and reinjection wells,
  • secondary loop: insulated pair of transmission lines connecting the thermal heat exchanger station to the Avas Hydraulic Station.
„We are committed to the utilisation of green energy and the use of geothermal resources for energy generation. Therefore, the PannErgy Group has set itself a strategic goal of constructing geothermal power plants across Hungary, using innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Dénes Gyimóthy
PannErgy Plc. Chairman

The heat output of the thermal wells are transmitted to the heat consumers via pipelines and heat exchangers, while after cooling down the fluid is reinjected. One of the fundamental requirements of the operation of the system was that as depending on the momentary demands for heat output the system could be regulated by controlling water production by the pump of the thermal well and the water-carrying performance of the accelerating pumps. Towards this end, at a number of points measurements had to be performed to determine the temperature, pressure and volume flow rate values as means of managing the geothermal heating plant via the central remote surveillance system.

Highlights of project Miskolc

August 2009.

MIHŐ Kft. – a company owned by the municipal government of the city of Miskolc – and PannErgy establishes the project company Miskolci Geotermia Zrt. for supplying renewable thermal energy to a very significant part of one of Hungary’s largest cities.

Autumn 2010.

After the first well is drilled by PannErgy Group, initial results prove to be extremely positive, exceeding expectations.

7 May 2013.

The geothermal heat transport system implemented within the framework of the Miskolc Geothermal Project is launched, marking the commencement of the supply of thermal energy to the County-Right City of Miskolc. With this, Central Europe’s largest geothermal heating operation is put into service.

December 2013.

The Miskolc Geothermal Project wins GeoPower Market’s international award: “Best Heating Project 2013”

December 2013.

The 7000 m2 plastic tunnel installed by Miskolc Városgazda Nonprofit Kft. is connected to the geothermal system, integrating the utilisation of geothermal energy into agricultural production.

9 September 2014.

Delivery of the Heat Centre in Tatár street, constructed in Phase Two of the Miskolc Geothermal Project.

Commencement of the 2014 heating season

Phase two goes live. A transmission pipeline suitable for delivering heat energy from geothermal sources to downtown consumers is completed up to the Heating Plant in Tatár street, where a new heat transfer station was constructed.

September 2014.

In addition to supplying geothermal energy to the District Heating system of the city of Miskolc under a 5 year contract, the company also provides renewable thermal energy for Joyson Safety System Hungary Kft., one of the largest industrial consumers in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, meeting its entire heat energy requirements from geothermal sources.

November 2018.

Commencing the supplying of geothermal heat, under a contract with the Japanese-owned GS Yuasa Magyarország Kft. PannErgy Group undertakes to construct the required transmission pipeline, up to the separation heat exchanger which is to be installed in the factory’s heat centre.

Parameters of the wells

  • MAL-PE-01 production well, productive aquifer: 2305 m, fluid temperature 101,9 Celsius fok, yield: 555 m3/h
  • MAL-PE-02 production well, productive aquifer: 1514 m, fluid temperature 86,7 Celsius fok, yield: 545 m3/h
  • KIS-PE-01 reinjection well, reinjection well depth: 1737 m, capacity: 30-40 m3 /h
  • KIS-PE-01B reinjection well, reinjection well depth: 1093 m, capacity: 550-590 m3 /h
  • KIS-PE-02 reinjection well, reinjection well depth: 1058 m, capacity: 530 m3 /h
810 000 GJSale of primary heat
45 MWThermal power
2 dbNumber of production wells
101,9 °COutlet temperature
1080 m3/hYield (all wells)
2013 Q2Start of operation:
Heat transfer partners


With the investment, Berekfürdő Energy Ltd uses the methane accompanying gas originating from the thermal wells of Berekfürdő for the generation of electric power and heat, and then sells the produced energy.

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The system of Győr, commenced today, with full capacity is able to decrease the emission and so the quantity of the greenhouse gases – primarily carbon-dioxide, nitrogen-oxides – by approximately 67 000 tonnes on a yearly basis.

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